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We are strong, highly experience and committed management team . Our styles are always cultivate strong relationship to deliver individual out-sourced components or an integrated range of services.

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We have pool of knowledgeable and professional experienced resources to bring you an ever-improving service with better, faster and less expensively.

Chorthip Kiriyapong – Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience, Mrs. Chorthip Kiriyapong is the Managing Director of OMEC. In addition to her audit experience from Arthur Andersen, she had wider her finance and accounting experience in Hewlett-Packard for more than 14 years as Finance Operation Manager. Her extensive experience allow her to initiate, design, build and operate practical and robust solutions.

Pornpimol Limpiviriyajit- Director

With over 20 years of experience, Pornpimol Limpiviriyajit is Director of OMEC. She has in depth of Human Resources Management, Consulting and operational experience from large multi-national companies i.e. Shell, Cargill, and Hewlett Packard Thailand. She was Head of Human Resources at Hewlett Packard by leading the entire HR organization and managing the various HR projects i.e. merger acquisition, downsizing, organization design& selection process, employee transition and outsourcing activities.

Charintip Kriangburapa - Manager

With over 16 years of experience, Mrs. Charintip is the Manager of OMEC. She is responsible for Human Resources and Other Administrative Service section. Charintip has gained lots of experience from international company such as Seagate, Solvay group and Ricoh in managerial position. She is keen in business process design and development.

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